About Tombo Racing’s Founder – Tommy “TomBo” Bolton

    Tommy Bolton is the famous Tombo of Tombo Racing. If you do not know his name, one would know how little you know about serious Drag Racing. Tommy Bolton has never stopped consistently building and tuning race bikes, and though that is where he became known as Mr. Speed, the amazing motorcycle mechanic that could also ride the extreme creations he had built and win. Tombo seems to have always been part of the motorcycle drag racing scene and community, commonly one of the first and last at the track religiously. In most recent years, he has retired from racing competitively himself but has never shied from a challenge and that attitude is still expressed in all his modern creations still.

          Over the course of the last 10 years, one thing for certain has been happening; Stock bikes are faster now than before, which is a good thing because that means Tombo can make them even faster. More recently Tombo Racing has been building a lot of high end Baggers, with each one winning at bike shows. Usually each is completed with a beautiful chrome 30 inch front wheel on a custom one of a kind Tombo Bagger frame, air ride suspension, an amazing brilliant paint jobs, not to mention to the diamond cut V-Twin motors built for speed, power, and performance, it quickly becomes clear why the bikes win shows. The bikes have gathered so much attention, that Tombo Racing now offers on the website (www.TomboRacing.com) a “Build Your Bagger” app, where anyone can go to design and create an original custom Bagger, complete by even getting to pick your own set of wheels.

            He has been assisting and building a new generation of motorcycles, riders, and fans over this last decade like never before – some of his “How To/D.I.Y.” videos have 90,000 + views and are available for free online, further showing his commitment and passion to the sport. All the while still further developing nitrous/turbo systems for his Drag bikes. Tombo has been busy furthering the Tombo Racing brand with faster motorcycles, a shop clothing brand, Custom One of a Kind Bagger Frames, and numerous motorcycle kits for Mini Sprint Cars, Replica Formula 1 Cars, and Motorcycle Powered Turbo Drag Dragsters.

           Currently Tombo Racing has 1 Funny Bike, 2 Pro Mods Bikes, 2 Top Gas Bikes, 3 Pro Street Bikes, plus a host of significantly fast and powerful Street Bikes and Baggers. Tombo is also glad to be teamed back up with Torco Oil, to further expand our winning ways.