Working Hard

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Here at the TomBo shop we have been very busy this summer. Our shop has hit its climax with a 6month to a year waiting list already forming. Between building motors, engine tunings, not to mention the 6 to 8 Baggers that are currently In build and not to mention our drag racing bikes being built and the maintenance on our current drag bikes our shop has reached the highest capacity in the last 10 years. Proving that good and quality work brings in the business. Unlike most shops where there are a lot of employees working on the bikes at any given time, TomBo himself touches each and every bike giving each customer a personalized touch. We call it “The TomBo Touch”. We have our dyno specialist Tim Howard constantly working on the dyno and coming up with new ECU maps. Below are some pictures of our current projects and just what we have been up to. Be sure to grab our new “Haters made us famous” t-shirts before there all gone, just in the month of July we have sold over 100 of them so get-em while there Hot!