Rock’s ZX-14

Tommy built this stretched Kawasaki ZX-14 for his friend and customer “Rock”. It features RC Components wheels, Brock Davidson exhaust, a Trac Dynamics extened swingarm big wheel kit, a custom ta how to find keywords il section, and motor work by Tommy Bolton. This bike goes as fast as it looks. Rest in peace Rock, […]

Derrick’s ‘Busa

Derrick Frazier, Tommy’s assistant and a bike builder in his own right, worked with Tommy to build this beautiful pearl white Hayabusa. Derrick worked with Tommy to disassemble this bike to the bare frame and rebuild it from the ground up with an RC big wheel kit, custom painted frame to match the beautiful pearl […]

Suzi Uzi’s Scooter

From 600 horsepower pavement-wrinkling drag bikes to 20 horsepower scooters, Tommy Bolton can work his “Tombo Touch” magic on anything with two wheels. Here he built a custom scooter for the famous roller derby star “Suzi Uzi”. This little scooter is perfect for Suzi to jet around town preparing for roller derby bouts.

Big Dog Chopper

Tommy picked this Big Dog Chopper up from salvage and restored it f paper writer or his friend and customer “Ratz”. The bike includes a custom paint job from 2Brothers Painting, custom chrome parts and attachments, work by Steve Moyer to repair the badly mangled frame, plus engine work by Tommy to give the bike […]

Latavia's GSXR-1000

Derrick Frazier, Tommy's assistant, built this tribute bike for his daughter L buy viagra without prescription atavia, who passed away in July 2009. This tribute bike has an extended Trac Dynamics swingarm, a built in backup camera/GPS, custom Topps Powdercoating and painting to create a 9 second street bike. Sign It Up Graphics took Derrick's […]

Yamaha Roadliner

While Tommy Bolton builds primarily street and track rockets out of bikes like the Hayabusa, ZX-14 and GSXR-1000, occasionally a customer will want him to transform their Harley or cruiser into a rolling piece of artwork with a motor that has received the “Tombo Touch”. Tommy resurrected this Yamaha R order generic cialis online oadliner […]

Graffiti wall