Glen Nickleberry

Glen Nickleberry at Thunder Valley Raceway

Tommy Bolton providing guidance on track conditions to Glen Nickleberry

Tommy Bolton began building bikes for Glen Nickleberry in 1996.  Since that time they have won hundreds of professional races and regularly clock times in the six second range. Glen was the second black African American to surpass 200 mph in the quarter mile and the first to surpass 210 mph. Glen was also the first black African American to clock times under 6.60 seconds in the quarter mile.

Tommy & Glen have earned six drag racing championships along the way in PMRA and IDBA sanctioned events.

In 2009 Tommy completely updated Glen’s record-winning Kawasaki by extensive frame work, new wheelies bars, adding new Race Case billet cases made by the Gator Maker out of Florida. A new nitrous setup designed by Tommy Bolton has increased horsepower and allowed Glen to regularly turn times in the six second range without breaking parts, making the bike much more consistent. Tommy has been working Jeff Myers at Mypro Machine Shop to build trick manifolds in the country. Much of this work has been done in-house with the addition of a new machine shop run by Steve Moyer in the back of the Tombo Racing shop. This allows Tommy to control quality by keeping everything in-house.