8 Replies to “Hayabusa motor rebuild Part 3”

  1. great job Tom, do you think you could do a KZ 1000 motor like this? us old schoolers would love to see it.

  2. This is for admin and off subject… These vids you produce for Tommy are the cleanest YouTube content I’ve seen on my iPad. Can you explain why some vids are choppy poor quality and buffer like crap? These are crystal clear even in full screen and play straight through to finish..

    Good job Tommy…

    1. Probably because we are using the H.264 codec that creates native output for the iPad and iPhone. Lots of other video uses older quicktime codecs, or ones for flash or for windows media player. Youtube supports all those but when you play native h.264 videos I am guessing youtube doesn’t have to convert them for play. Just a guess.

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