Hayabusa Motor Rebuild Part 4 video

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After much work and a few unexpected delays, we now have Hayabusa motor rebuild Part 4 video ready. In this video, master engine builder Tommy Bolton explains how to install the ‘Busa head. He shows how to lube the cams, torque down the head bolts, and get things ready to go.

After shooting this video we realized we needed to also show the installation of the valves & valve springs. We will be bringing that video to you next. And the last video in the series will be how to time your cams. Enjoy!

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  1. It is amazing while filming these things, Tommy never has to look up torque values or cam timing info – he just knows that stuff off the top of his head on the ‘Busa motors. The guy is a walking encyclopedia on Hayabusa’s – as well as ZX-14’s, ZX-10’s and GSXR-1000’s.

    1. the wisdom my brother has is outstanding i’ve learn so muc more from him and the resaults are beyond control.Tommy bolton is the Best .

  2. I heard a guy say he has put in cams from a 1000 gixxer motor late model? An he claim he is runnin low 9’s? Like 1497 he claim! I’m not sure so I’m askin , can u do that?

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