Howard wins SuperComp at PMRA May 19

At the second race of the year, Tombo Racing’s Tim Howard rode his Tombo powered Hayabusa to first place in the highly competitive SuperComp class. The supercomp class is an 8.90 index class, so Tommy Bolton and Tim detuned the Hayabusa so that it would consistently run in 8.90. This same bike typically runs in the low 8’s. All the competitors in this highly competitive class run wheelie bars, yet Tombo’s ‘Busa can easily turn 8.90’s without a wheelie bar. It was a tight race down to the finals, with Tim coming up against Randy Hughes to determine the winner. Tim just edged out Randy with an 8.91 at 151 mph.

Tim Howard wins PMRA SuperComp race
Tim Howard rode his Tombo Racing built and powered Suzuki Hayabusa to a win at PMRA SuperComp class.
Tim Howard launching his Tombo Racing Suzuki Hayabusa in the highly competitive SuperComp 8.90 index class, where he powered to a win in the finals.
The PMRA SuperComp class is composed of primarily wheelie bar bikes. Tim and Tommy had to detune their Tombo Racing Hayabusa from its normal 8.1 second time to run a consistent 8.90. Tim ran an 8.91 in the final to win the match.

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