Luther’s ‘Busa

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As the Navy's top long distance marksman and commander of an elite Navy “extraction team” , Luther Lauderdale likes to blend in yet have the ability to open a big can of whoopass on the bad guys when necessary. His secret missions require him and his team to travel to far away, often hostile countries and extract diplomats, politicians, our other people deemed important to America. Rather than ride in John Wayne style, blasting the bad guys and rescuing the babes, real life tactics require going in quietly, doing their job, and getting out safely – yet having enough lethal firepower to quickly dispatch any resistance.

So when Luther asked Tombo Racing to add the “Tombo Touch” to his Hayabusa, he didn't want in your face bling. Instead he wanted subtle enhancements that made the bike extremely quick, yet rideable and stylish at the same time. The style had to be understated, yet the bike needed the power to dispatch any street-riding wanna-be's with ease.

Starting with a stock 2008 Hayabusa, Tombo Racing added an M4 titanium racing exhaust and header. To lighten the bike and add a bit of style, Performance Machine Forged Revolution racing wheels were swapped for the stock units. A Trac Dynamics swingarm was added to stretch the wheelbase and keep the front end down during launch. Brock's Performance front triple tree clamps allowed Tommy to lower the front of the bike for better launches, and fully adjustable dog bone lowering links helped lower the back of the bike. “I only wanted the bike dropped a couple of inches” said Luther. “I still like to ride the curves.”

A Power Commander ECU and electric shifter was added to better tune the bike for the M4 pipe. A BMC air filter allowed more air into the engine during high revs, and a Brock's Performance clutch mod kit and clutch springs allowed Luther to more easily launch the bike. A heavy duty EK o-ring chain, coupled with an increase of 2 teeth on the rear sprocket gave the bike better power down low, and Tombo Racing braided steel brake lines helped bring everything to a stop.

With all these modification or faster in the quarter mile at Thunder Valley Raceway with shop rider Tim Howard at the controls.

“I am very pleased with the what Tommy has done with my bike” says Luther. “It looks stock but is much faster and easier to ride than stock. You won't want to come across this bad boy out on the street!”

Luther Lauderdale with his 2008 Tombo Racing Hayabusa.

Tommy Bolton
A Brock Performance triple tree allowed Tommy to lower the forks, thereby lowering the center of gravity for quick launches off the line.