Mid Season Team Report


Hello race fans coming to you from TomBo Land. It has been a busy summer for us dealing with traveling to races every weekend and a shop full of  all of our new custom builds going together.

As we speak we are thankful to have such a great customer base and we want to thank all of our loyal customers that we have that stick with us through everything even all the ups and downs that comes with racing sometimes. At the beginning of the year we put together a 12 event race schedule and so far we are right on schedule. This season has been a success without a doubt, even with us splitting a motor in half because of parts failure, we hurt the motor and still coasted to a 6.92.

2(Unhappy motor split in half)

This past PMRA race was challenging in many ways not just was it extremely hot it put a lot of our skills to the test because we had to be in California in a 7 day turn around for the Street Racers event in Fontana which meant 15 hour work days at the shop to get everything prepped an ready for the long haul, even though many had doubted us that we could bounce back from such a major setback but we knew we were going to be there no matter what.


Because of a total team effort we were able to make the Street Racers International event in Fontana California. Team TomBo not only made the event we won every class that we entered bikes in and left Fontana with the track record at a 6.86 @ 201 mph. This event was special to all of the team because it is only an hour away from where TomBo grow up, so we wanted to put on a show for his home crowd no matter what, so winning everything was the icing on the cake.


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