Motors for Racing and Street

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If you are serious about your motor, call or email us at Tombo Racing. We can rebuild all modern sport bike motors for both the street and the strip.


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  1. im looking to get a rebuild or replace the engine on my 07 busa what info or where can i start im in nyc

    1. Give Tommy a call at the number listed at the top of the page. Tommy isn’t much for typing but can sure build motors.

  2. I would like to rebuild my 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa. Even though I don’t race anymore would like to upgrade at least to 1397 for those occasions when I want to race. What would be a ballpark price for you to do this for me. And would you want the whole bike or just the engine. Thank you for your time


  3. HI I want to send you a set of new pistons so you can work your magic on them before I install them in my 07 busa and also send my injectors to be cleaned, I do have 2 questions before I install the stock size pistons the compression is higher but stock bore do I have to do anything to the bores I know their plated, and what is a safe amount to resurface the head before the cams have to be degreed thanks for any info. you can give me and I need a address to send my parts to…..elvin

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