Nickleberry testing Funny Bike

This year Tombo Racing and Glen Nickleberry are only running a partial funnybike schedule as they prepare for the 2013 season debut of Glen's new Pro Mod bike. In development now, this new Tombo Racing Pro Mod bike will be based on a Suzuki Hayabusa motor, but highly modified with nitrous, a turbo charger, wheelie bar and stretched frame. Expected to consistently run in the 6 second range a the quarter mile, this new bike is expected to be the fastest Tombo Racing bike yet. For 2012 Tommy and Glen are testing parts on the 2011 Tombo Racing Funnybike to help determine the best components for the new bike.

Glen and Tommy are testing components for their 2013 Pro Mod bike on the 2011 Tombo Racing Funnybike at Thunder Valley Raceway.
Glen Nickleberry doing a burnout as he prepares for a test run on the 2011 Tombo Racing Funnybike. Tommy and Glen are testing parts for the under construction 2013 Tombo Racing Pro Mod bike.
Tommy Bolton helping Glen Nickleberry prepare to launch the 2011 Tombo racing funnybike during testing of components for the 2013 Pro Mod bike currently under development by Tombo Racing.