Suzuki ECU Flashing

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Tombo Racing now offers Suzuki Hayabusa and B-King engine control unit (ECU) flashing.

As the EPA tightens emissions regulations, manufacturers are forced to de-tune their products to meet these new requirements. Manufacturers are wisely choosing to use electronics rather than traditional mechanical modifications to de-tune the performance on their sport bikes. This is good news for the rider/racer. You can easily improve performance on your Hayabusa or B-King by doing a bit of electronic programming. Couple this ECU flashing with a few bolt-on engine and chassis enhancements and you can easily see and feel a performance gain in even the most powerful motorcycles.

Send your ECU to Tombo Racing where are tuners can connect your bike to our ECU programmer and tweak the performance of your bike. We can download and view engine sensor data such as ambient air temperature, throttle position, gear position, RPM's and a host of other data. We can adjust vacuum area maps, TPS maps, ignition maps, change RAM air compensation, remove the 6th gear speed restriction set by the manufacturers, increase your rev limiter, tune your ECU for an air shifter and many other performance improvements.

  • View Engine Sensor data (like vacuum, GPS, TPS, etc. for error finding and monitoring) with a laptop connected (great for dyno tuning)
  • Change fuel maps (both IAP and TPS maps)
  • Unify the fuel maps of center and outer cylinders to same for all short velocity stacks
  • Change ignition maps (you can also add timing in the lower gears like a TRE does without messing up your gear based fuel curves)
  • Increase your factory rev limiter (current software supports up to 11,650 RPM)
  • Remove the 6th gear speed restriction with the click of a button
  • Change ram air compensation based on your gearing
  • Compensate for larger fuel injectors or higher fuel pressure for high hp applications
  • Increase ignition dwell time (turbo guys will like being able to open the plug gap back up some)
  • Disable IAT compensation for dyno testing
  • Turn your ECU into an ignition / fuel kill box for use with an air/co2 shifter (additional hardware required)
  • Control a shift light, or any RPM based output using the stock flapper valve circuit (additional hardware required)
  • Switch-able map selection for NOS, different turbo boost levels, fuel types etc (additional hardware required)
  • Share maps with people across the world and contribute to new exciting features constantly being introduced and implemented Help texts and on-line instructions for major functions


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