Nickelberry and Bolton Make Headlines – Motorcycle Performance Magazine – July 1998

Motorcycle Performance Magazine headline reads: “Wild, Wild West: IDBA begins 22nd season with plenty of surprises” With Tommy’s engine tuning expertise and Glen’s precision riding, Nickelberry topped the qualifying charts at the IDBA season opener Motorcycle Nationals event in Oklahoma City, OK in 1998. Full story text: The Funny Bike field was dominated by motorcycles […]

Rickey “Hot Rod” Gadson

Tommy Bolton and Rickey Gadson, drag racer and corporate spokesman for Kawasaki, go way back – all the way to Tommy’s days in Los Angeles as “The King of the Street”. In this interview, Ricky tells us a bit about the old days and how he used to look up to Tommy as the guy […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in OKC

Tommy Bolton had a chance to interview several African-American motorcycle riders as they gathered for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade in downtown Oklahoma City.  Many of the riders had Tombo Racing modified bikes.

Black Scotty

Browsing through Facebook this past week we came across this awesomely cool image by David Kommel of Tommy said he was there when this picture was taken at Irwindale drag strip in southern California and the guy on the bike was known by the name of “Black Scotty”. Tommy thought the picture was from […]

Glen Nickleberry circa 1984

get your ex back Tommy ran across this picture of Tombo Racing rider Glen Nickleberry from 1984 racing a Kawasaki GPZ-550. Sweet bike and like always, Glen looks very serious. zp8497586rq zp8497586rq

Bessie Stringfield

Bessie Stringfield is one of the legends of women motorcyclist. Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1911, she was brought to Boston as a young child but became an orphan by the time she was 5 years old. “An Irish lady raised me,” she recalled. “I’m not allowed to use her name. She gave me whatever […]

Tommy Bolton in the Dragbike USA August 1989

Tommy Bolton has a long history of drag racing across the USA. In the summer of 1989 he traveled to Spokane, WA for the Dragbike USA Northwest Cyclebration. Tommy made the finals and had the top time in qualifying, but a bit too much nitrous at the end relegated him to second place for the […]

Tommy Bolton circa 1984

Tommy was an accomplished drag racer and engine builder in Los Angeles in 1984 at the age of 24 years old.  He not only b cheap cipro uilt and rode world-class race bikes, but liked to customize Harley Davidson bikes to fit his style.  Here he is with his own “pimped out” Harley. He is […]