Top Fuel Drag Racing Science – Yea, Motorcycles are Kinda Like This

ESPN has put together this really cool video showing the accellerating and violence of top fuel drag racing. Those guys go REALLY fast, but they are wrapped in a cage. Our riders do nearly the same but they just sit on the bike. The only thing protecting a drag bike racer is about 1/8″ of […]

Rickey “Hot Rod” Gadson

Tommy Bolton and Rickey Gadson, drag racer and corporate spokesman for Kawasaki, go way back – all the way to Tommy’s days in Los Angeles as “The King of the Street”. In this interview, Ricky tells us a bit about the old days and how he used to look up to Tommy as the guy […]

2010 NHRA Pro Stock Champion LE Tonglet

Our recent trip to the 2011 Indianapolis Dealer Expo was a change for Tommy Bolton to connect with old racing friends from “back in the day”. In this short interview, Tommy talks to the next generation, 2010 NHRA Pro Stock Champion LE Tonglet and his father Gary. Tommy and Gary used to race against each […]