Tim Howard's Hayabusa

Some bike builders are great at adding fancy chrome, extended swingarms, and bright lights. While Tommy Bolton is able to do all that, he does what many other builders cannot do – make a bike go lighting fast at the drag strip.

Working with local rider Tim Howard, Tommy has built a Hayabusa that regularly runs in the low eight second range – without a turbocharger or a wheelie bar. This bike originally started out as a stock street-legal Hayabusa. Over a couple of years times Tommy has worked with Tim to turn this into a pavement wrinkling rocketship.

Tommy and Tim s

tarted a new organization called Midwest Streetbikes where they run in Real Street class. They will also be running at the Tulsa Raceway Park motorcycle series. The Real Street class is designed for riders to showcase bikes that can be ridden on the street. Bikes must street appearing, with DOT tires, a maximum wheelbase of 64″, and must have headlights and tailights.

Tim's Hayabusa is utilizing Tommy's newly designed wet nitrous system to add 150 hp safely to the already 200 hp motor. Tim and this bike has seen speeds over 178 mph in the quarter already.