Tombo Racing developed Nitrous System for Hayabusa

Tommy Bolton has been a long-time technical guru with nitrous oxide, with many people giving him the name “Mr. Nitrous”. Tommy has used and developed both wet and dry nitrous systems for both street bike use and drag racing use. His most prominent use is with Glen Nickleberry’s Kawasaki funnybike, which develops well over 500 horsepower and regularly runs down the strip at 6 second range at over 210 mph.

Tommy recently installed his custom built wet nitrous system in a customer’s GSXR-1000. This wet system is much easier to tune than a dry system. To re-tune a wet site simply requires changing jets, whereas a dry system requires additional dyno work each time you make a change. This is the same wet nitrous system used on Tim Howard’s Suzuki Hayabusa race bike that has yielded over 180 mph at the strip.

“This nitrous system is harder to install initially, it is not your simple 2 hour install,” explains Tommy Bolton. “But the results are much more consistent, very repeatable. You can tune the system without requiring endless hours on the dyno and it is much easier to make changes later when compared to a dry system.”

Tombo Racing provides custom built nitrous systems for Suzuki Hayabusa’s, GSXR’s, as well as Kawasaki ZX-14’s and ZX-10’s. Give Tommy Bolton a call for more information on how a nitrous system can make your bike significantly faster on the street or the strip.

Tommy Bolton recently installed this wet nitrous system for a customer’s GSXR-1000.
Tombo Racing uses the highest quality components for our nitrous systems.

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