Tombo Racing makes it to finals again!

Once again Tombo Racing's Tim Howard made his way to the finals of the Midwest Streetbike races at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, OK on July 24. For the race Tim Howard qualified in the #2 spot with a new mile per hour record of 175.67 mph with an ET of 8.22. Conditions at the track were typical July weather, hot and humid but Mike and the staff at Thunder Valley Raceway did a superb job of preparing the track for racing.

Tim worked his way to the finals by running solid 8.30's at over 170 mph on every pass. In the finals he faced the #1 qualifying Kawasaki ZX-10 of Raymond “Tonto” Johnson. Even though Tim had a quicker reaction time, Tonto was able to run him down with a 8.14 et compared to Tim's 8.30. “Tim was a bit aggressive with th

e clutch and wheelied three times during the run” said Tommy Bolton. “Tonto brought his A game and nobody saw it coming, not even me. He earned the win fair and square. Congratulations to Tonto for an excellent run.”

“Coming in second makes for late nights at the race shop once again” said Bolton. “You can never sit still in this sport. You have to keep on striving for the top if you want to win. There is always someone waiting to take your spot if you relax. That is why I love drag racing!”