Tombo Racing now offers Vance & Hines Billet Crankshafts

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Tombo Racing has teamed with Vance & Hines Racing to offer a Pro Stock/Pro Mod Suzuki crankshaft. Addressing the void of a Pro Stock Suzuki crankshaft fit to withstand the punishment of the 1/4 mile, Tombo Racing and Vance and Hines proudly announces the PSM Billet Crankshaft (part# 33-9113) by Vance & Hines Racing. Tombo Racing is one of the few performance oriented engine builders offering this high performance crankshaft.




33-9113 PSM CRANK SHAFT-rev4

• 70.4mm stroker (4.4mm over stock)
• All billet crank; made from premium-grade 8620 aircraft quality/bearing quality alloy steel
• In-house CNC machined parts made to precise tolerances
• Heat-treated and carburized for increased tensile strength and hardness; specifically
designed to withstand the demands of high horse-power, high-revving RPM engines
• All rod pin journals are polished to a mirror-finish for higher load bearing surfaces and
extended roller bearing life
• Isotropic Superfinished primary gear and center pin for reduced friction and contact
fatigue; includes all crank throws for increased parts durability, reduction of parasitic
drag, including corrosion resistance
• C954 Bronze thrust washers for improved thermal conductivity, resistance to wear,
fatigue and deformation under load
• Dynamically balanced for reduced internal loads and vibration, improving the
overall performance and reliability of the motor
• Superior quality assurance procedures; individual components are inspected using
calibrated tools to verify critical dimensions for final approval
• All cranks come equipped with forged CP/ Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rods for
proven reliability, made to VHR specifications
• Offered in Prostock and Promod specifications: primary gear selection includes 750
or 1100 big tooth ratio; connecting rods available in standard or +.125” length
• Built to exceed 375hp, 14,000+ RPM
• Designed, manufactured, and assembled in U.S.A.