Bring your bike to Tombo Racing and let us make it TIGHT! Whether you need an extended swingarm kit, a complete motor rebuild or a full blown race prep, the experts and Tombo Racing can help you out.

Tired of taking your bike to the local bike shop were some 21 year old kid spins the wrenches? Our tuner and engine builders have many, many years of experience at building the fastest, coolest bikes on the planet. Supervised by expert tuner and engine builder Tommy Bolton, our engine techs are some of the best available.

There is a difference between bolting on parts and building a tight custom street and strip bike. That difference is hard to pinpoint, but we call it the “Tombo Touch”. It is the attention to detail on little things such as nuts, bolts, piston prep, cam timing, superior paint, classy styling, and quality components. Those details are what sets of a Tombo Racing bike from any other ride cruising the street.

In-Shop Services


Complete sport bike catered customizing to your individual needs.

  • Custom powder coating
  • Many candy color
  • Custom paint
  • Chrome plating

Fabrication/machine work in-house

  • Custom parts made per request

Welding services

  • Aluminum
  • TIG welding

Fuel injector ultrasonic cleaning amp; flow testing

Custom wiring for race or street

Shop Services

Engine Building – complete$1,100
Assemble top end$600
Cam degreeing (engine removed from bike)$150
Piston prep$10 per piston
Build bottom end$500
Fuel injector cleaning$25 per injector
Bore top case$85
Ball hone block$10 per hole
Adjust/shim 2 valve head$130
Adjust/shim 4 valve head$150
Surface head/blocks$55
Competition valve job 2-valve head$225
Competition valve job 4-valve head$295
Custom electrical wiring$100 per hour
Air shifter installation$200 on most bikes
Custom nitrous system builtPrice on request
Remove amp; replace motor most bikesStarts at $300
Tombo bike builds (3-8 weeks)Labor starts at $3,000

The time it will take for us to add the “TomBo Touch” to your bike depends on many variables including but not limited to, seasons, race schedules, bikes in front of yours, and parts on order (sometimes outside vendors hold us up on the progress of your bike).

Here at TomBo racing we strive to meet all the needs of our clients and assist them in all ways possible in a timely and efficient manor.

NOTE: All parts must be paid in full before work is done on your engine.

Tombo Racing is not responsible for outside vendors backorders or shipping delays.

You get what you pay for. If you pay 1/2 of your order, we order 1/2 of your parts. Orders cost time and labor so please take this into consideration on the work you want done.

We have unbeatable in-house custom fabrication and welding to put on that one-of-a-kind motorcycle!

15 Replies to “Services”

  1. Hey was wondering if you guys made swingarms for 600cc bikes?? If so I have 03 cbr 600rr. Wanting to do a 10 inch stretch, what would you charge to build the swingarm??

    1. We currently don’t manufacture a swingarm for that model of bike so it would have to be custom built, which drives up the price.

      Give me a call at 405-606-TOMBO for more information.

  2. I am big fan Iam from New York City and I am in need of your assistance my eine is down my first bike with 263 mile I was riding to work maxing out at 187 late for work on the hwy and the F1 light came on and oil started shooting out about the back tire and I don’t know we’re the oil was shooting out from, the Suzuki shop said that they can rebuild my GSX-R1000 2013 BUT I think I should just ask to experts like your self on what I need to do, should I get a manual and do it myself from watching you and just by the parts from every detail advice that you give me, I really want to turn it into a fast ama super bike I know you can help 347-619-4866 Corey email saivieaic@yahoo.Com Corey quilt Brown @Facebook I also need to know what have it knocking when I crank it up thank you for your prompt attention

  3. Hi i have a 2006 hayabusa 41000 miles on her an im looking to get the complete tombo street an strip packge w/ nitrs cld you give a time frame an range of what this may cost me thanks

    1. Please call us at (405) 606 – 8662, for a personalized quote. There was a glitch in the system, and we are just now seeing this, I do apologize.

  4. I have a 2013 Ninja zx14r. A few months back I installed a full exhaust system but did not purchase a tuner for it. The bike runs fine, but I am wanting to get a proper tune for it to ensure its not running too rich or too lean.

  5. Was wondering I run a 2013 roadglide 103 do you offer any tunning or any thang to dial in the bike I have already put heavy breather and pipes on bike

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