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  1. Hey tombo I’ve watched your hayabusa motor rebuild videos. I have a 2003 hayabusa it’s kicking in second gear but not slipping out of gear and i was getting ready to look more into I’ve talked to a couple of people and they have said they believe it’s my second gear just rounding over years of ware and tare the bike just rolled over to 52 thousand miles I’m thinking if a rip it apart i should bore the head and put 85mm pistons to give the motor some real power I’m wondering if that is to much of a bore and if i do bore the pistons what else do i need to change out to help the motor withstand the pistons and i was wondering if i should have my tranny back cut or just keep it stock? I don’t go to the track but if I could get the bike to make some real power then that might change. I could use as much info as I could get. If you could help I would really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for asking and sorry for the delay. Hope we are not to late.

      As far as the bore, the Hayabusa’s are limited in bore size. I recommend 84mm instead of 85 mm. With 85mm you won’t have enough sealing surface. An 84 mm bore is a good all around race and street and touring bore.

      For the transmission I recommend you back cut the transmission. The Hayabusa comes with a factory back cut tranny but the angles are not as good as they need to be to handle the extra power.

      Give me a call at 405-606-TOMBO and I can give you some suggestions.

  2. Saw your Hayabusa rebuild videos and am assembling mine now. The tamberine with the clutch basket stop me dead. X an I send you the basket for the upgrade spring mods. I have a modified stage 3 turbo and top end work and am probanly running a air Shifter setup and get rid of my interupter . I believe I need the clutch mods without a doubt. Please let me know if I can send it out and what turnaround time is. Happy New Year and look forward to hearing from you

  3. Interested in a 240 wide tire kit; will just need solid black rear wheel similar to the stock wheel.

    Not wanting a long stretch.

    Have an 2011 Hayabusa.

    Do not want local shop to do this.

    Let me know approximate total cost, D time frame to complete. I’d want a red SS Brake line; bike currently has stock length lines by Core Moto.

    Impressed with shop work and it’s my dream to work on bikes full time. I’ve done all my own work, but it’s limited, but getting better.


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    Road Captain

  4. Hey Tombo. I’m from Canada and I have an 07 Busa with 20’000 miles on it and I would like to see my bike make in between the 220-230whp mark. I do not hit the track ever. I just like to ride really hard and need more power. I ride in the city a lot as well as touring and make trips to the states once a year to find the nice twistys as I do have a road racing background and like to knee drag. What do you suggest I should do to my bike to try and hit that hp mark and keep it super reliable motor, tranny etc? I don’t have a budget and want to make it right the first time. Thanks

    1. Please call us at (405) 606 – 8662, for a personalized quote. There was a glitch in the system, and we are just now seeing this, I do apologize.
      We can sort it out sir, we do with international customers all the time.

  5. Hello Tombo Racing, I just spoke to one of your more than satisfied customers here in east texas.He tells me that you are the best at what you do, especially with busa’s.He told me that if I was just looking for more power without a lot of modification, he recommended an engine and port polish I believe.also new o2 sensor .Will this really make difference in power of bike and at what cost. THKS FOR YOUR TIME

  6. I have a 2006 busa and its just now starting to surge and jerk in 2nd gear.. What are my options and what am I looking at for a quote if I send you the motor????

  7. Iam doing some career research, I was wanting to ask you, how do I get into the sport bike performance and dyno tuning field? I was wondering what school did you attend if any and etc . I am interested in doing this as a career with the near future.

  8. Hey. I have seen your engine rebuilt. I would like to get a motor built by you guys. I have an 09 busa and would like to upgrade to better pistons, crank, camshafts, valves and valve springs. But I’d like to not rebore it or put a big bore setup on it. Can you give me quotes on it?

  9. Hey my name is Tyrone and i have a 2002 haybusa with 89 thousand miles with a full brock mega phone exhaust system with power commander my bike is jerking in second gear not jumping out of gear what would price be to rebuild my motor and under cut my tranny a complete build?

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