Wanna see some cool pics?

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Ok so here’s the thing, I (Eli glass) took 853 photos of the bikes at the June 15 races, yes that’s right 853. So as you can imagine not all of them are the best and it is taking some time to go through them all. New articles and pictures of the races will be up on our Facebook and website soon. BUT in the mean time check out these pictures of Jimmy on the gray bike, Little Tom on the all stock 1400 white bike and then of course Glen. As always make sure you like our Facebook page and we are always needing new haters so either STEP UP your game or become a NEW HATER.




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  1. It’s beutaful to see y’all bro’s doing what y’all doing and I want to be a part of it. From the looks of things ur very knowledgeable in your field and I would feel very comfortable with your work. Also I would love to support your business and take advantage of ur expertise. Look forward to doing business with u soon have a good year.

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