We Race What We Sell

A dream to some, a nightmare others, Tombo Racing at the drag strip wins again.

At the last PMRA race of the season, Tim Howard raced his orange street bike using the new racing cylinder head and cam combination on top of a stock Hayabusa motor.  Tim easily rides this bike to work and cruises the street at night.  On weekends he heads to track and regularly hits 8.90 in the quarter mile at 153 mph. At this race Tim won the super street 9.50 index class by detuning the stock ECU in the bike.

On the red bike Tim made it to the semi-finals of the super comp class.  This bike regularly runs in the low 8 second range at over 175 mph.  Once again Tim and Tommy detuned the bike to run in this 8.90 index class using the stock ECU.


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support.