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A dream to some, a nightmare others, Tombo Racing at the drag strip wins again.

At the last PMRA race of the season, Tim Howard raced his orange street bike using the new racing cylinder head and cam combination on top of a stock Hayabusa motor.  Tim easily rides this bike to work and cruises the street at night.  On weekends he heads to track and regularly hits 8.90 in the quarter mile at 153 mph. At this race Tim won the super street 9.50 index class by detuning the stock ECU in the bike.

On the red bike Tim made it to the semi-finals of the super comp class.  This bike regularly runs in the low 8 second range at over 175 mph.  Once again Tim and Tommy detuned the bike to run in this 8.90 index class using the stock ECU.


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support.

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  1. question I’m an experienced engine builder for cars, but the head engineering teacher at my university recruited me to help them build a bike engine for a project were building a car from scratch to race other universitys

    we have to use a 600cc bike engine as our powerplant dictated by the rules… only real rules are has to start off as a 600cc block..and has to use a 20mm restrictor ..other then tha anything goes

    we’ve decided to use the suzuki gsxr 600… i figured it probably had the best heads..I’m not a bike expert but i know the importance of proper and good airflow

    My question is do you and could you build or help us build a competition racing motor???

    if u don’t do the 600cc can u please direct us to someone that does build a600cc gsxr racing motor ???

  2. I have a question I Have a stock 2005 Hayabusa motor, and has a quality friend of yours whom he vouches for you to do the work on my bike, Being its hard to trust these Scam ARtists in Texas. With that said,im in the process of purchasing already Ported and Polished heads which are also drilled for the wet nitrous setup I want installed(NOS), but only looking to put about a 40shot on it, and the Cams as well…. If I sent that motor to you all about how much am I looking at to have the heads , cams, nitrous to be done. FYI the nitrous needs a bottle to be hidden in the seat cowl, 40 shot jets, but the heads already has a squash test compression test done to it.. will be riding on the street not racing but racing on the track, IS THIS POSSIBLE?????

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